Middletown, Connecticut Towing Service

We are a 24 hour a day towing company located in Middletown, Connecticut Tow Trucks and flatbeds with heavy duty, medium duty and light duty tow trucks available 24 hours a day to help you move equipment or need a tow we can help.

"Towing my semi truck out of a ditch, right then!"

"I'd drove off the road and when I tried to turn my truck back I went into a ditch, it wouldn't turn over. Untouchable Towing sent out a heavy wrecker that fixed the issue right there! 5 stars!"



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Semi Truck Towing

Big tractor trailer trucks break down and need a tow contact us 24 hours a day we provide semi trucks with help shifting loads, towing heavy or need heavy towing recovery with towing heavy duty wreckers in Middletown tow trucks near me.

towing semi truck near me

Bus Towing

We Tow Big Buss's when they need roadside help 24 hours a day towing bus in Connecticut from a local Middletown Towing Company with a fleet of tow trucks near me Middletown.

Towing Bus

Towing Equipment

Moving heavy equipment let us help with our fleet of heavy tow truck wreckers and landoll trailers we can move any size equipment you need to move, contact us Towing near me Connecticut.

towing equipment

Light Duty, Medium Duty and Heavy Duty Towing Services.

We tow small cars to large semi trucks and tractors with flatbed tow trucks, rotator tow truck wrecker for the heaviest towing jobs around contact us for fast, safe towing in Connecticut for semi trucks, buss's, RV Motor home, tractor trailer, equipment or anything you need contact us today open 24 hours a day 7 days a week to keep you on the road safe with roadside near me Middletown Connecticut Tow Truck Wreckers.

Towing Semi Trucks

Heavy Duty Towing with Rotator towing and recovery

Let us tow with our heavy rotator tow truck CT with crane that can pick up and rotate , makes wrecker recovery fast and safe with landoll or lowboys we can pick up and transport heavy equipment in Connecticut.

Heavy Towing Wrecker near me

Heavy Towing Wrecker near me

Connecticut Landoll Trailer towing service near me We can transport heavy equipment with our fleet of flatbeds, wreckers, lowboy trailers and landoll trailers we have a fleet of wreckers near me Connecticut tow trucks near me we tow heavy duty, medium and light duty towing services in CT Towing heavy today

Middletown Tow Trucks Heavy Duty

RV Towing Camping Trailer Motorhome

We can provide roadside Towing RV in Connecticut Towing motorhomes and towing camping trailers in CT open 24 hours a day tow to camp grounds transport RV to camp site with Connecticut RV towing service.


Heavy Towing Service near me (860) 398-2867
Connecticut Towing Heavy 24 Hours a Day.


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