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Jessie Jessie Avatar
Jessie Jessie
1 year ago
Use this towing company! I had the best experience ever, they were very punctual, kind, did an amazing job pulling trailer. Very safe and very careful. Very helpful and it was exactly what I hoped for and more. I am very thankful to Chris and Logan who helped get my trailer for point A to point B. They were very personable and I couldn’t recommended anyone as highly as them. When you need a tow for sure call Untouchable Tow. I see how fitting the name is now, they did an amazing job! 15/10!
Joy Bronner Avatar
Joy Bronner
1 year ago
10/10 Would Definitely Recommend this company for your vehicle needs!! This company went above and beyond to help me get my truck fixed same day. They towed it to their shop after midnight and worked on it all night so that I could get it fixed and get back on the road for my event the next morning. I’m happy to know there are still some amazing people out here in this world!! Thanks again so much!
James Lauzon Avatar
James Lauzon
1 year ago
Amazing staff and a great owner. I had my own personal family drama moment and Charles the owner was a great respectful person. Give them the opportunity to make your own experience as good as mine was and I'm sure you will be impressed with the professionalism. You are appreciated guys
Mister Balsa Avatar
Mister Balsa
1 year ago
Great service! My truck lost it's transmission way out on the tip of Cape Cod and I needed it towed back to Middletown. Untouchable Towing was super easy to set up, right up front with a clear cost estimate, and arrived at the campground to retrieve me right on time. The driver was careful and experienced during loading and unloading, and pleasant company during our almost four hour ride back. These folks really made a very unhappy situation easy to resolve. Thanks again!
Brandon Milanes Avatar
Brandon Milanes
1 year ago
The person who towed my trailer to another location for me was extremely helpful and very professional. He kept constant communication from when he arrived at my trailer to when he arrived at the drop off location that I asked him to take it to. The company as a whole kept constant communication too , confirming the reason for the tow, we're there any issues with my trailer that they needed to know and triple check the location that it needed to go. 5 star service.
Dawn McPaul Avatar
Dawn McPaul
1 year ago
Wow! Awesome! When I was traveling with my family home from Maine to Pittsburgh, the tire pressure monitoring system in my Winnebago Outlook detected one tire was deflating. We knew all four of the back tires would need to be replaced soon. Traveling through Connecticut on a Friday around 3:00pm, we stopped at Pep Boys to have air added. Back on the road and within an hour, the system alerted us that the tire was rapidly losing air. Traveling through an unfamiliar area, we quickly started calling places that might be able to assist. Roadside assistance would be there in hours and their price would be $450/one tire. Many places were closed due to the time and wouldn’t be in until Monday. We then called Untouchable Towing and Auto Repair and spoke to Charles. He was quite concerned about our safety. He asked if we were in a safe area and would be able to text him pictures of the tires. Upon receiving them, he expressed his concern for us getting back home to Pittsburgh with the current situation of the tires. He sent me the address of the service center and said someone would be over to look at them. He wasn’t sure if they would be able to replace them Friday night or Saturday morning. Nonetheless, he said we could stay overnight in their parking lot. When we arrived at the service center, I went into the office and told Chris we were there. She said someone would be coming to look at the tires. Sal arrived to assess the situation, which confirmed what we already knew–one was flat and we needed new back tires sooner rather than later. He confirmed that they had 4 Bridgestone tires and then made a call to Nick J to see if he could replace the tires on our motorhome Friday night. Nick J was at dinner with his family but said he would be over after they ate. Shortly after 9pm, Nick J (and his family) arrived. Between Nick J and Mario, our motorhome had four new back tires within an hour! Sal indicated that the price would be a little higher than the competitors. However, for Bridgestone tires, having them in stock, and being able to do it within hours, it was well worth it! We wanted to get safely back on the road and within hours we certainly were! What a great job everyone did. Thank you Sal, Charles, Nick J, and Mario! I would definitely recommend them to anyone.
Todd Bruno Avatar
Todd Bruno
2 years ago
These guys are awesome! Charles is a stand up guy! We lost a tire on our boat trailer heading home on route 9 north during the week We waited for 3 hours trying to get our insurance company to find roadside assistant for us. Nothing. I called around the state to see if a towing company was available. No luck. My wife googled untouchable towing and got in contact with Charles. He said we will be there in 10 minutes. He was there in 10 minutes! They got us off the highway safely and they also did the repair to the boat trailer. We can’t thank Charles enough to get us out off a bad situation! I highly recommend untouchable towing. This tow was a challenge and they where up to the task ! Thanks Todd B
Daniel Pruitt Avatar
Daniel Pruitt
2 years ago
I would like to take the time and just say how amazing this company is. Charles the gentlemen that runs the day to day operations at Untouchale Is honest and respectful and the people that work with him just as amazing. They have really quick response times and pricing is reasonable. They take time and effort to take care of vehicles like it’s there own weather it’s towing or mechanic work. Would HIGHLY HIGHLY Recommend this company!!! Call for anything from flat tires to heavy duty towing!!!
Quan Quan Avatar
Quan Quan
2 years ago
They got there before the time they said they would and they were able to accommodate me and my passenger and got me to my destination with no problem. Would definitely use them again
Ron Acosta Avatar
Ron Acosta
2 years ago
These guys are pros when it comes to reasonable costs, friendly customer service, fast repairs and professionalism. They are not out to get you. They are there to help you. They have the name Untouchable because their greatness can't be touched by similar businesses!
S R Avatar
2 years ago
We've been going to Untouchable Towing for years now and the work is impeccable. Charles and Nicky are great to work with and are knowledgeable and passionate about their craft. The prices are always fair and they will go above and beyond to provide excellent service.
Ashley C Avatar
Ashley C
2 years ago
I had crashed my car and had it towed to Untouchable Towing. I was happily surprised with the kindness and responsive manner of management and the mechanic that assessed the damages. I also appreciated their transparency and honesty with what they felt would be within my best interest moving forward.
Thursday Base Avatar
Thursday Base
2 years ago
This was the first time I had encountered an issue with my new car and immediately called Untouchable Towing. The window on the driver's side was stuck fully down and while the many other repair shops in the area only offered appointments days away, they were able to look at my car right away and explain to me exactly what was wrong, what needed fixing, and what the cost of it would be. I felt at ease and knew I had come to the right place. Would 100% recommend! Very friendly and especially very professional. Thank you for helping me figure this one out (:
Matty Love Avatar
Matty Love
2 years ago
I have a high end car that needed the oil gasket and oil gasket cover replaced. I drove 40 min to UNTOUCHABLE TOWING because I trust the work that they do. They performed the work in a timely manner while taking care of my car. I've brought my kid's cars there for service before but never mine. After the work they showed me in detail what they did and why it was done. I'll never take my car to the dealership again!
LN Gaby rodriguez Avatar
LN Gaby rodriguez
3 years ago
very good quality service. an amazing person with a very good heart, easy to have good communication 😊 thanks so much .
denise Ortiz Avatar
denise Ortiz
3 years ago
Went here for the first time for an oil change. Nick was absolutely wonderful. He got us in & out. Checked more than recommended under the hood. Was very professional. His assistant was very professional too but I did not catch his name. Will be going back.
Yahaira Vasquez Avatar
Yahaira Vasquez
3 years ago
Best customer service and the availability is always good. Looking for towing, oil changes etc. You won't be disappointed!!! Happy customer!!!
Terri Fischer Avatar
Terri Fischer
3 years ago
Very helpful and fair pricing. Driver was on time and they helped me out with a last minute request. I would definitely use them again.
debo adigun Avatar
debo adigun
3 years ago
Dude can clown around, but definitely knows what he's doing.
Tony Z Avatar
Tony Z
3 years ago
Always great every time I go. Nick goes above and beyond, nice guy and I trust him. It's hard to find a good mechanic that you can trust now a days. I found him, and recommend Nick to everyone.

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